Nearly Naked Knitting

..... who says knitting is only for grannies!

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Well I've been away for the last two weeks, but now I'm back. I've also finished the boy's blue sweater - which is now owned proudly by Josh since I didn't make it to the birthday party it was designated for. Pics will follow when the model is willing. I also expect to write up the pattern shortly! Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

So, it appears that some more industrious knitters out there have taken up the "ball" of yarn and run with it. For some time I've thought about doing some chemo caps for the children at Children's Hospital here in Boston. My husband is a fellow there and I had asked him to get in touch with some of the oncologists to find out if there was any need for such a thing. Too bad that with a resident's schedule he didn't get around to it until after I spoke with Shannon at La Gringa whose significant other IS a hematologist so she's gotten things started. I'm going to have to do a stash dive this weekend and see what I can come up with. I think some Lion Brand Homespun would be soft enough and I've got a bunch of that laying around looking for a home. Now I just need to come up with a good pattern. BTW - latest Family Circle Easy Knitting has an article about knitting for charity and includes in it some talk about organizations dealing with chemo caps.

In other news, the mystery blue sweater is proceeding apace, though my trip to visit the recipient has been cancelled due to hubby's work schedule. Bought me some more time to finish things. I'm liking it so much, I'm wondering if I won't just keep it for Josh. I also think I'll be typing up the pattern.

Saturday, September 06, 2003

Well, I know you were all very concerned about my ribbing nightmare. Last night in a fit of pique I ripped it all out. Today I tried to start over, but I couldn't get the gauge I wanted. Cross your fingers for tonight. I think I'm scrubbing the original design idea, as I think that to get it right is going to require a lot more stitches and a lot more yarn. I'll try that again another time. For now, I'm on to greener pastures. Will keep you "posted"!

Friday, September 05, 2003

Ok - I'm facing a peculiar dillema. I'm most of the way up the body of the blue ribby pullover, and I'm just not sure if I like it. The problem is that, as with all ribbing, its very stretchy. The bad thing is that when its not on somebody, it looks as narrow as a sleeve should, instead of a body. When I get my 2 year old to hold still and model it, it seems fine, though it conforms to the body completely and doesn't hang at all. There's still give in the fabric for it to expand - assuming that the intended recipient is a bit bigger than Josh (a reasonable assumption since he never sits still long enough to eat). However, it just looks weird when its not on someone. Any thoughts out there? I can't decide whether or not to rip it all out. Did I just make it way too small? Or is this just the nature of the ribby sweater beast. Enquiring minds want to know.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Ok, its been a while, but I just haven't been able to concentrate on posting. I've had a lot of visitors, and have just been doing my best to get outside as much as possible as the good weather is running away from me. Today is wet and miserable, so I can blog! I have finished the green mystery yarn pullover for my friend's baby that I started. Its another top down pattern. The stitch I used is a variation on a linen stitch, so it has a real interesting texture. You can see it here:

Green stitch

The neckline gave me some pause. The generic patterns and sizes for children's necks don't account for how BIG their heads are. I usually make cardigans, so I didn't consider this when I planned the neckline. It was waaaaaay too narrow, so I came up with a u shaped neck with the polo collar. Originally it was going to be a button band, but I didn't like the way it was coming out, so I crocheted slip stitches all the way around the border to even it out. I think it looks neat, and a little original.

Green pullover

Since I'm heading back to NY soon, I have to get another b-day present together for a friend of mine's child. Uh oh - need something quick so I'm going with a blue v neck pullover out of wool-ease chunky. Not my favorite yarn, but it does wash and dry - critical for a 2 year old. I'm hoping to get it finished in the next week. Otherwise, it might just go to Josh instead. I'm creating the design myself, and if it works out well, I'll try to write it up and post. We'll just have to see!

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Well, I've made it to the magic moment on the red cardigan, where you set aside the sleeves and start working the body back and forth. What a relief to be past all that raglan shaping. Now I can just knit back and forth to my heart's content! Except . . . . now I have to decide what to do with the eyelets on the body! I'll think about that tomorrow. Which is why I'm starting another baby sweater. Just realized that my friend's baby is turning one, so I've done a stash dive and come up with some mystery green yarn that I got at a yarn swap. I've been trying to find a home for it for the longest time and just can't find a project to suit. I think I'm going for a top down raglan pullover. This time, however, I'm trying to figure out how to short row shape the neck so that it sits lower in the front. I don't really like the stair step look that develops with the usual approach of increasing prior to joining. This has been annoying me for years now. So I'm on a mission to use my new techniques to fix it. Wish me luck.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

Well, the red cardigan is underway. I love knitting from the top down, as you can get a really good sense of where you stand and you can even start to get a feel for how much yarn you're going to use up. Here's Katie modeling the WIP:

Little Red Riding Hood

I started off with a neck circumference of about 9 inches and I'm gradually increasing as I go down to form the raglan. I've chosen to use yarn overs to form the raglan, placed one stitch before my markers. This should give a nice lacey look. Ultimately, I think I will be threading ribbon through for decorative effect. The yarn is Lion Brand Sensations in Garnet Red. As a result, I decided not to do a complicated pattern stitch. I was, however, bored with the many stockinette projects I've done of late, and so opted for a twisted knit (k1 tbl for one round then purl back). This gives the stitch a little texture which I think lets the chenille yarn "sparkle" a bit more. As you can see, I am just about down to the end of the armhole (and the end of the first skein) and will then separate off the sleeves, cast on some underarm stitches and join the front to the back. Somewhere down the body I think I will begin spacing out some more eyelet rows to add my ribbon drawstring to. I'm also considering increasing around the body to give it a slight swing. Haven't decided about that one yet.

Just so that Josh doesn't feel left out, look at how he's been styling on the town. (Courtesy of my brother, the web czar.

Josh and J Lo

I would say that Ben Affleck doesn't have anything on my little man.